Discord users are revolting over NFTs and crypto. Platforms should heed this warning.

by Susan

“Absolutely no to NFT integration on Discord.”

“I’ll straight up leave and use Slack if you integrate NFTs.”

“Will be leaving Discord if you bring NTFs or crypto to the platform.”

This is just a small sampling of the deluge of comments being left on Discord‘s website after the company’s founder and CEO hinted that it would be integrating NFTs into the community chat platform.

On Monday, Discord’s founder and CEO Jason Citron responded via Twitter to a newsletter written by entrepreneur Packy McCormick. The piece basically looks at Discord’s potential as a future leader in the Web3 space.

Web3 basically is the hot terminology right now being used by people in the cryptocurrency and NFT space to push the idea that the next iteration of the internet after the social media era (aka Web 2.0) is a decentralized one. Web3 is basically a version of the internet where everything is run on the blockchain. One can see why crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) evangelists would be bullish on this, being that it would cement everything that they’re investing into now as the future.

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Many cryptocurrency and NFT supporters believe the billion dollar video game market is the killer industry where their Web3 dreams will come true. And, of course, Discord is hugely popular with gamers. They make up the vast majority of its user base.

Citron replied to McCormick’s Twitter post about the piece with two simple words and a screenshot.

“Probably nothing,” tweeted Discord’s founder alongside an image of an unreleased Discord feature that integrates a user’s Ethereum wallet with their Discord account.

The feature hinted by Citron looks similar to the NFT verification feature that Twitter has been working on. Basically, a user can connect their crypto wallets to the platform in order to automatically populate their account with the NFTs they own in order to showcase them publicly.

The Twitter reply quickly spread and the sentiment has been negative to say the least.

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