Geniatech Android TV Box For Home

by Susan

An android tv box is nothing but a set-top box that requires a stable internet connection and television that supports Android OS. In this article, we will see about the Android TV box, use-case scenarios of the Android TV box at home, and reasons why you should buy the Geniatech Android TV box.

Use-case Scenarios Of Android TV Box At Home

We will now dive into the use-case scenario of the Android TV box which includes the transformation of home theater, TV entertainment, and entertaining the guests.

· For Making A Home Theater

You can use the Android TV box and make a home theater. By doing so, you can experience a luxurious theater experience right at home itself along with your friends and family.

· For TV Entertainment In Bedroom

Lying in the bed and having a relaxing time might not be enough and in that case, you can opt for TV entertainment right in your bedroom at your convenience.

· For Entertaining The Guests In Living Room

With the help of an Android TV box, you’re guaranteed to provide legless streaming of movies and TV series to entertain your guest in your living room.

Why Android TV Box?

Now let’s look into a list of reasons why you should buy an Android TV box. Some of the reasons include Android OS Support, quad-core processor, built-in Dolby audio support, supports HDMI, and more types of connections.

· Latest Android OS Support

It’s preloaded with the latest version of Android OS that has all the features of the Android such as OTT Platforms, search engines, YouTube, movies, and so on. This allows the user to stay up to date with the device using new features and apps getting added automatically. It’s easily upgradable.

· Up to Quad Core Processor

It’s paired up with a quad-core processor which works at ultra-speed compared to other Android TV boxes. The 2.5 GHz Quad-core processor is more than enough to run apps like Amazon prime, Netflix, and binge and is perfect for binge-watchers who stream movies all night. The processor also boosts the image quality, audio, and video by 4 times compared to other Android TV boxes.

· Built-in Dolby Audio Support

It comes pre-installed with a 4D Dolby audio setup which provides an immersive sound quality for the user. The audio is pitch-perfect and does not lag even a little bit; it offers a full-fledged theatre-like experience for the user. The Dolby audio system in the Geniatech Android TV Box is fully customizable audio quality the intensity of bass, balance, and more. So the user can set the perfect settings for them.

· Supports HDMI and More Types of Connections

It has a lot of connectivity options including an HDMI port, USB type A and C ports, 3mm audio Jack, and so on. This offers the user plenty of ways to connect the Android TV box, so it can be connected to the TV, monitor, mobile, and other devices like Google Assistant, Alexa, and so on. Regarding its limitless connectivity options, the Android TV has Bluetooth 5.0 connections and Wi-Fi 5 also which helps it super fast connection with mobiles or tablets or monitors or Wi-Fi at ease.


Geniatech Android TV box is highly recommended because it is built in with a surround speaker which provides an adequate amount of audio at default if paired with a 4D speaker system then the audio experience would be immersive. It also uses a quad-core setup so it doesn’t lag while moving across various apps in the menu and movies and videos run at maximum FPS which offers a premium theater-like experience for the user.

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